I’m just a guy who by pure stupid luck, got the opportunity to see and do some pretty cool things all over the world.  I have seen a lot of stuff but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m an expert on what I saw.
As a kid and an army brat in the late 80s, I spent three years living and traveling around Germany.  Of course being an 8 year old, I didn’t take the time to appreciate any of it.  Hindsight is a bitch and causes me to regret not documenting every moment of it.  That regret drives me to take advantage of every second that I am abroad these days and snap pictures like a duck face teenager….. but with the rear camera and not the front.
I’m not so interested in the typical 7 wonders of the world aspect of a given place as I am in the culture itself.  I would much rather discover what the average bathroom in India looks like over the Taj Mahal.  Everybody has taken selfies at Trevi Fountain but do they ever stop to check out the annoyed locals who are wading through the tourists to get to work?  Not saying that all of that grand stuff isn’t great, lets just let somebody else worry about all that.

– Mike

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