The Managers Reception


Oh sweet they have orange “drink”

I would love to travel the country and better yet, the world for my job you say?  What an exciting life full of stimulating adventures you say!  Until you find yourself at the Monday night Managers Reception in a Holiday INN near Lafayette Indiana.  No not “in” Lafayette Indiana, I said “near” Lafayette Indiana.  That is an important detail considering there is nothing of interest “in” Lafayette Indiana, so how could there possibly be anything to do “near” the city. “OOOO Managers Reception!!! There must be all kinds of very important business types attending that we can network with and USE to surely take our pathetic careers to the next level!”  I pretended to be your brain for a second to show you how naïve and ridiculous you sound.

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My Favorite Pre-Flight Spots

Airports are not fun for most people.  The thought of sleeping across three sticky, rib jabbing, butt smelling, fake leather chairs in a sweaty terminal on a 5 hour layover comes to mind.  I for one love a good airport.  It’s like a member’s only club that just a few thousand people are invited to on any given day.  Don’t worry about the fact that all you have to do to be invited is buy a ticket…. and… not be a terrorist.  Where else can you get a strip search, stuffed french toast, and ring worm all in one place??

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Kame Supido

(Turtle Speed)


The Shinsaibashi area in Osaka Japan, is pure visual stimulation.  As one of the better known shopping districts in Osaka, you are sure to find most everything you could be looking for.  It’s hard to believe that there are enough people and shoppers to support the crazy amount of stores, shops, and snack stands.  It is a little easier to wrap your mind around the consumer base if you take the Midosuji line on a Saturday and get off at Namba station.  Walk all the way from Namba to Shinsaibashi while squeezing past what seems like millions of people and it will be clear.  Every time you come to a cross street, there is another choice to go toward more endless stores and food options.  I just will never understand how these people stay so skinny.

In fall 2014 I was roaming around the area somewhere between Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori when I stumbled on the coolest thing I had ever seen up to that point, TURTLE RACES! Continue reading